Welcome to "Glass Gallery BOHEMIAN"

We are specialized in dealing in Art Borocilicate Glass accessories and Art Marbles that Japanese artists make.
The mainstream of Borocilicate Glass accessories culture in Japan is pendants.
So many detailed and sophisticated designs are characterized by the sensitivity and skillful technic that Japanese artists have.
We currently have over 800 pcs. of Art Glass accessories and Art Marbles in stock.

Why not choose 1 pc. of fascinating and sophisticated Glass Pendant desinged by Japanese artists ?
If you click on any name of the artists shown below, you will be able to see a list covering various artists' works through thumbnail.
For your further individual information on the images and the details of the items,
click on each item.
"New" for New designs and "SOLD OUT" for no stock are described on the screen.

Payment terms

You are required to settle the payment by "Paypal"in US$ only.
Setting up an account for "Paypal" is a MUST.
We can ship anywhere in the world with an uniform shipping charge of US$40.
Pendants will come with strings.
But note that you should allow us to select any type of strings at our end,
which will be different from the photos.

Let us know your name, address, postal code, telephone no. and article no.
to the following e-mail address for your order-placement.


Be sure to put a word, "Order" in the subject of your e-mail.
The item Nos. mean the Nos. which are shown in each page covering merchandise created by each artist.


Once your e-mail arrives here, we will advise you of our Paypal account No.
and the total amount including shipping charge in U.S.$ converted from Japanese Yen for the item you choose.
Make a remittance in the total amount addressed to the account of Paypal.
We will ship you merchandise you choose right after money transfer is confirmed.
Remember the order will be automatically canceled in case that money transfer has not been confirmed within a week after your order-placement.

Returns Policy

We, in principle, cannot accept your return and our refund unless merchandise has been damaged with cracks or breakage etc.
Will you kindly be sure to contact us within a week after merchandise'
arrival if you find crack or breakage on the merchandise?
Then please send it back to us after our confirmation.
No return or refund is acceptable after this deadline.
We will pay you back the amount including shipping charge you paid upon merchandise arrival.
Please e-mail to us if you have anything unclear or questionable.

Thanks and look forward to receiving your order.

◆Our shop's Address: 2-35-11 Nezu , Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0031, Japan (*a 5-minute walk from Nezu station)
TEL/FAX 03-5685-6280 → map page

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